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travel goals 2019

5 Unique Travel Goals to Think About for 2019

No one wants to think about time slipping through their fingers, but with the holiday season less than two months away, and the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to start thinking about your travel goals for 2019. Maybe your goal is to finally use up all of those vacation days this year to book that bucketlist trip, or maybe you want to make your trips more meaningful by doing some voluntouring or visiting an animal sanctuary. Or perhaps there’s a solo adventure on the horizon that you’ve been saving hard for but need a little extra guidance to put on those finishing touches. If you’re determined to make 2019 the year of travel, here are some unique travel goals to think about for 2019:

travel goals 2019

City Escapes for Local Events 

Instead of taking that long-haul, overseas trip, consider staying close to home and getting and soaking up a little local culture by planning a city escape around a particular event. North America is teeming with fantastic festivals, sports events and concert options such as the Sundance Festival in Utah happening January 24 – February 3, 2019; The Quebec Winter Carnival taking place February 8 – February 17; And Comic Con in Las Vegas July 18 – 21, 2019. Budget a few extra days on either side of the event and experience a city that might not otherwise be on your radar.

travel goals 2019

Plan a Double Couples Trip 

How many times have you checked out your bestfriend’s Instagram and felt a little envious of their latest couples trip? Don’t be. Make it a travel goal in 2019 to plan an unforgettable double-couples trip and see why travelling with other couples is something you should have done years ago. The secret to a successful trip is time division. Make sure each couple gets their own time, then assign time for besties to split off, and then have some fun group activities to create those epic memories.

travel goals 2019


To say that being a mom is stressful is the understatement of the century. Millennia. Honestly, there probably needs to be a new word for it. Think about how amazing you feel after a couple of hours at the spa. Or how re-charged feel when you get a proper night’s sleep. Now, imagine you’re getting that for two or three nights in a row! We realize that leaving Dad or whomever at the helm for too long could spell disaster, but 2019 should be your year to carve out a few days of nothingness for yourself. Be it a quick trip to Napa for a winecation with the girls, a short 3-day cruise or a couple of days at a luxury hotel a few hours away from home. Relaxing, recharging, and doing something for yourself should be one of your travel goals for 2019.

travel goals 2019

Take a Mindful/Wellness Holidays 

Sometimes traveling in and of itself can feel stressful. Traffic, the busyness of the airport, the pressure to squeeze as much sightseeing into your itinerary as humanly possible so you don’t end up with a case of “I wish I had done that” when you get home. But in truth, you can never see everything. It’s impossible. What is possible is slowing things down, taking a deep breath, finding balance, reconnecting and going on a Wellness holiday. One of our partners, G Adventures , offers a soul-soothing portfolio of itineraries that focus on three pillars: Mindfulness, Movement and Nourishment. Travellers are invited to ” re-centre yourself with yoga practices and optional meditation sessions led by expert instructors ready to teach all levels of abilities.”

travel goals 2019

Special Interest Private Group Travel 

Maybe you’re an individual with a passion for cooking, love the idea of a culinary tour, but travelling in a large group really doesn’t appeal to you. For some, it can take away from experiencing a destination authentically. However, maybe solo travel is also not quite what you had in mind. What if you could travel with fellow cooking enthusiasts, but in a group with less than 15 people? Private small group travel is one of the fastest growing types of travel, for myriad reasons. It allows travellers to be social and make connections, experiencing a destination from the inside out, and in many cases, expanding on their love of a particular interest. Can’t find a small group itinerary that works? Approach members of your club, network, or special interest group and we will customize a trip just for you!

Hopefully this quick inspiration guide will help you lay out some travel goals for 20109. Remember, the Tripzter Team is always standing by to design and curate the perfect trip for you, your loved ones, your private small group and anyone else you want to bring along on your next adventure.

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Aloha! Tripzter Goes to The Big Island of Hawaii & Kaua’i

Can you remember the last time someone had something disparaging to say about a vacation to Hawai’i? Probably not. In fact, did you know that Hawaii boasts a 98% vacation satisfaction rating? Why is that? Other than it’s perfect weather, and resplendent scenery, Hawai’i is a destination for absolutely every type of traveler: The adventurer, the hopeless romantic, families, the solo traveler and the I-just-need-to-lay-in-the-sun vacationer. It’s also the most ethnically diverse American state with a proverbial melting pot of cultures from Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Micronesian, to Chinese, Thai, Tahitian and of course, the indigenous Hawaiian people. So when our in-house bespoke luxury travel designer Anita Beishuizen had the opportunity to join a familiarization trip to the Big Island of Hawai’i and Kaua’i, she couldn’t say no!

Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Anita’s 10 day long meander through paradise included a visit to Volcanoes National Park and world famous Akaka Falls, a traditional Hawaiian Luau, site inspections of various resorts, and the pièce de résistance, a breathtaking helicopter ride across the island of Kauai. Here is what Anita had to say about her Hawaiian experience:

Starting with the Island of Hawai’i, what was a highlight for you? 

Volcanoes National Park.

What is the one misconception you may have had about the island of Hawai‘i prior to becoming more familiarized after your fam?

I had heard that the island was very volcanic and not at all an Island for beaches and swimming. The first half of this statement is true, it is volcanic – but there are so many nice sandy beaches – it is just about knowing where to go for them.

How did this familiarization trip change the way you present Hawai’i as a destination to your clients? 

I really feel confident now to be able to specifically direct clients to pinpointed locations based on not only the geography, but the character of the main tourist/hotel areas. I do not think that unless you have been there, visually seen the areas and got a feel for the individual character of the locations could you do that effectively. This is going to help me expertly direct my clients, based on the trip they are hoping to have.

tripzter hawaii fam

Flora of Hawai’i

What was one of the highlights for you when you visited Kaua’i?

Honestly, from the moment I got off the plane it was an instant feeling of peace, and I fell in love. I will say (and I mean this sincerely) that Kaua’i is now my favorite Hawaiian Island.

tripzter hawaii fam

The Garden Isle and Anita’s new favourite Island

I think that the reoccurring theme, and the part that I can pick out as the overall highlight of really all the activities and sites we saw – was the sheer beauty and magnificence of the Island. It is jaw-dropping and to be surrounded by it while you are there has an effect that you cannot deny. It truly is what most people envision when they think of the Hawaiian Islands as a collective, and I do not think that people realize that those stunning images are in fact coming from the Island of Kaua’i alone.

tripzter hawaii fam

Helicopter Tour over Kaua’i

We were so fortunate to experience a helicopter tour! I have never done anything of that caliber when travelling, and I cannot recommend it enough. I suggest taking the heli-tour as early as possible on their trip, because I think that it is something that resonates with you and you mentally refer back to when you are seeing those various sites from the ground. I had shivers, it was so good!

Allerton Gardens, Kaua’i

Because I am a huge flora and fauna fan, another stunning highlight for me was Allerton Gardens. I really, really enjoyed our time there as well.

Now, moving on to the accommodation options. You visited a number of properties on this fam trip, what did you think of them? 

Kaua‘i Shores

tripzter hawaii fam

Kauai’i Shores Hotel

The Kaua’i Shores was a very cute, smaller property. I really liked the retro throwback motor-inn feel, and the location on the beach was perfect.

This is the perfect property for younger travelers, or young families. This would be an ideal property for budget oriented or no-frills travelers. And even though I sell to mostly luxury oriented clients, it is exactly the type of property that I am drawn to when I travel. Simple, clean, character, good pool and great location.

Waimea Plantation Cottages

tripzter hawaii fam

Waimea Plantation Cottages

I was quite blown away by this property. It’s a very different type of property, and perfect for families that want to have a more local, non-hotel type stay. I love the grounds and the spread-out cabins. I like the privacy and independence that is promoted at this property. We saw two of the cabins – one quite large and the other a two bedroom and both had their own distinct style. I like the vintage Hawaiian feel and appreciate the uniqueness of the property. The cabin interiors were a bit older – but nonetheless impeccably clean, spacious and quite charming. This is a great option for groups or large families. Pricing also seemed to be quite reasonable.

Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i Resort & Spa

tripzter hawaii fam

Grand Hyatt Kaua’i

Beautiful, flashy, tropical and very luxurious grounds. Picturesque. A great option for our luxury clients, the property sort of sells itself and I’m happy I had the opportunity to see it.

Kōloa Landing Resort

tripzter hawaii fam

Kōloa Landing Resort

The perfect property to have in mind for families with teenage children. Easy go to with the 2/3 bedrooms. Definitely a condo property feel vs. a hotel/resort – but to be expected. Really nice units and the grounds had a good layout. The restaurant, lounge/pool area was great for drinks and people watching. I didn’t get to see the beach, but I heard it was also quite nice. Funny enough, two days after being home I was quoting this property to my clients for Spring Break!

And there you have it. From active volcanoes, pristine waterfalls, rugged mountain ranges, and post-card worthy beaches, Hawai’i is a feast for the senses. And because of it’s unique location, the Hawaiian archipelago is an ideal place to visit all year round. Contact us today to get started on your dream Hawaiian escape. Aloha!

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Tripzter Explores The Idyllic Cook Islands

Yay, we made it through January! On one hand, we survived “Blue Monday”, but now we can look forward to an extra six weeks of winter (thanks alot Punxsutawney Phil). And to make matters worse, those of us on the Pacific ‘Wet’ Coast are suffering through our 19th day of rain…in a row. Sounds like some of us need to head south, waaay south. And the Tripzter team knows exactly where you should go.

Somewhere, amidst the 1.2 million square miles of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between the Hawaiian archipelago and New Zealand, lie the idyllic Cook Islands. A tepid climate, mosaic of rich traditions, and the warmth of proud people waiting to welcome the weariest of travellers. Devoid of brash fast food chains, gargantuan tour buses, shopping malls or anything resembling its cousin to the far north (Hawaii), Islands like Raratonga, Aitutaki and Atiu are a quiet feast for the soul, and more importantly, a much needed break from all this rain.  Our very own Corporate Travel Manager and perpetual globetrotter, Matthew Quinton, set off to experience the idyllic Cook Islands over New Year’s and here’s what he had to say about his unique experience:

So Matt, how do we get from Vancouver to Paradise..err…we mean the Cook Islands?

I flew with Air New Zealand through Auckland and Sydney. And on the way home, I took United Airlines from Los Angeles back home to Vancouver. One thing to consider with Air New Zealand, is opting for the upgrade to Premium Economy. You get to enjoy business class service (including a premium meal paired with complimentary wine) and of course, more legroom, all for less than you would spend on a business class ticket.


Air New Zealand Premium Economy

What was your favourite memory from your time in the Cook Islands?  

My favourite part of the trip was a day trip we took to the island of Aitutaki. It’s only a 45 minute flight with Air Rarotonga from Rarotonga. Aitutaki is a small island protected by a series of small Atolls and a lagoon…absolutely stunning. The bluest, crystal clear water I have ever seen and soft, white, powdery sand beaches. And even, though I was on a boat with 20 other people, I still felt like I had the place to myself.

Polynesian Culture

Do you have some tips or interesting tidbits our clients might want to know about travelling to the Cook Islands?  

Cash or credit. Most people don’t know, but the currency used is New Zealand Dollars. And avoid using at ATM if you can, otherwise you’ll be shelling out $7.00 per withdrawl – Ouch!

Rent a car. One of the best and easiest ways to see Rarotonga on your own is to rent a car, and there are plenty of companies to rent from. You can circumnavigate the island in just over an hour, and since there’s only one main road, it’s impossible to get lost.Rarotonga Tripzter TravelTake a Tuk Tuk. Another great way to get around the island is by Tuk Tuk. And the best part, they’re quiet, and emissions free which means you get to sit back, relax and enjoy fresh island air while learning all about the history of this beautiful little island from a local expert. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, hop on an electric bike and take a self-guided tour.

Stick to local drinks! There are many restaurant and café options to choose from, but if you’re trying to keep the expenses down, avoid drinking Coke and Coke Cola related products – You could be paying as much as $5.00 per can.

Leave the diet at home. We all know vacations are a time to be adventurous and enjoy local cuisine, guilt-free. These are a few of my favourite restaurants:

  • Nautilus Restaurant at Nautilus Resort
  • Café Salsa in Aitutaki – best coffee/lunch on the island
  • Café Beluga – best breakfast on the island
  • Tamarind House – Colonial upscale dining with an amazing view!
  • Vaima’s – great food, right on the beach.
  • The Spaghetti House for Italian food at the Edgewater resort.

Tamarind House, Rarotonga

Mingle on Market Day. If you happen to be on Rarotonga on a Saturday, wander down to the waterfront, and next to Avarua, the island’s main township, you’ll find the Punanga Nui Cultural Market. Here you’ll find everything from local art, clothing and jewelry to fresh fish, veggies and fruit, and a great opportunity to mingle with vendors from surrounding islands.

CCIC Church in Avarua, Rarotonga. This quaint church was built in 1853, fashioned from limestone and coral

Enjoy a day of rest. After a day of hustle and bustle at the Saturday Market, set your soul free at Mass in any one of the beautiful local churches on the island. Christianity is a very important component of local culture, so much so, that you’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant serving alcohol on a Sunday.

If you are looking for a sun-drenched alternative to Mexico, the Caribbean or even Hawaii, the Cook Islands is a great, year round option. And what’s more, if you are looking for a unique destination to ring in the new year, you won’t be dealing with swarms of other tourists.

Aitutaki Lagoon

If you’ve been dreaming of an idyllic Cook Islands escape, or if Matt’s Instagram account is making you jealous and now you can’t get visions of endless horizons and turquoise seas out of your head, we would love to offer you one of our many South Pacific promotions. Pop your details into the form below and we’ll have you on your way to the idyllic Cook Islands.

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boutique river cruise

7 Things to Know About River Cruises Vs Ocean Cruises

For the avid ocean cruiser, the idea of stepping onto a river cruise may seem underwhelming. And while it’s true you won’t find skating rinks, climbing walls or shopping malls on-board a river cruise, there are plenty of reasons river cruising may become your new favourite way to see the world. In addition to introducing you to a more intimate cruising experience, river cruises take you to exciting, historic ports-of-call, most of which are inaccessible to mega ships. Elevated service, luxurious dining experiences and culturally rich excursions are just a few of the hallmarks of a river cruise. So if you’re thinking of trading in your sea legs for a more land-intensive experience, here are 7 things you should know about river cruises vs ocean cruises:

Prepare for Port Intensive Itineraries 

River ships are no doubt elegant and luxurious, however, they’re not the star of the show, it’s all about the ports-of-call. If you are someone who prefers seemingly endless days of quiet relaxation and sea-intensive itineraries, river cruising is not for you. Most of the actual cruising is done at night, and almost every day is a new port (or two), jam-packed with visits to historical sites, walking tours and cultural experiences. On some itineraries you may spend a full day on the river, but for the most part, because ports are such short distances from one another, and the days begin so early (8-9am tour departures), you’ll have to pack your favourite walking shoes or you’ll miss out. The downside of this aspect of river cruising is that it can be quite difficult for passengers for mobility issues to fully enjoy the full breadth of what river cruising has to offer.

uniworld boutique cruises

Culturally Focussed Excursions

As the in-house anthropologist, it’s no surprise that my favourite element of river cruising is the abundance of cultural immersion. I like to taste, touch and experience what it’s like to be a local. Remember, because river cruising is so heavily focused on ports, you have to be prepared to experience a wide array of culturally focused options such as walking tours, bicycle rides, culinary tours, concerts, golfing and even themed outings, all on land. Some ocean cruisers may find the lack of on-board activities limiting, but if you’re willing to experience port life to the fullest, you won’t be bored.

river cruise culture

River Cruises are All-Inclusive 

One of my least favourite parts of ocean cruising is feeling like I have to swipe my card every few seconds whether it’s for an overpriced cocktail, a few minutes of internet access or a specialty coffee I saw on the way to the pool deck. River cruises may appear more expensive at first but when you factor in all the included excursions, the one night stay before your cruise begins (on some cruise lines), top shelf wine and beer, dinner in the specialty restaurants, wifi, tips, and transfers, you’re getting far more bang for your buck. Additionally, cruise lines like Uniworld include tips within the fare (including those for service on-board, local guides and bus drivers). No more pricey bill at the end of your vacation!

dining on viking

Dining Options are Limited but Specialized 

It’s true, ocean cruises have significantly more dining options than a river cruise, which for some is fantastic but overwhelming for others. The dining experience aboard a river cruise, while it may not be as varied as a mega ship, it is exquisite, meticulous and reflective of the local culture. On most ships, guests will find a main restaurant where breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, and often, a second, more intimate dining area for the evening meal. On Uniworld, a boutique river cruise line, all meals are served with a “farm-to-table” philosophy, so you get to enjoy only the freshest ingredients, influenced by local culinary traditions.

Vienna river cruise

Ports Are Central to All the Action 

Let’s face it, ocean cruise ports are not the prettiest nor the most convenient. Guests pull up to beautiful destinations but often step off the ship (or tender to shore) only to be faced with ugly, industrialized piers, a barrage of taxis and tour operators scrambling for your business, and on top of that, you’re often far away from any attractions. River cruise ports are almost always located right in town, which means you’re mere steps (or a very short bus ride) away from all the action. However, there are occasions when there multiple river cruise ships in port simultaneously which means you may have to walk through another ship to step ashore.

viking river cruise

Space is a Premium 

It’s no secret that rooms aboard a river cruise ship, on average, are smaller than that of an ocean cruise ship, but that doesn’t mean they’re less luxurious. Many include balconies, are chocked full of luxurious amenities, upscale linens and decor fit for royalty. The river cruise experience is far more intimate, with an average of 200 guests versus 2100-5500 guests an ocean cruise. This means no line-ups, better uses of space, more opportunity to socialize with fellow cruisers and with a higher crew-to-passenger ratio, offering a more personalized service.

budapest hungary fireworks

Highest Customer Satisfaction Ratings 

There are plenty of fantastic ocean cruise line options, but keep in mind that river cruises have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Companies like Viking Cruise boast a 97% customer satisfaction rating, one of the highest across the cruise sector, reflective of premium service, fascinating ports, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

If you’re thinking of booking a river cruise, or still have questions about whether a river cruise is right for you, contact the Tripzter team to take full advantage of our river cruise expertise.

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luxury living las vegas

Luxury Living in Las Vegas

Here at Tripzter, we truly believe the best way to curate and create the most memorable experiences for our clients means we need to test the product (and destination) firsthand. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Throughout the year, we conduct on-site hotel inspections, participating in educational trips around the world, and work closely with tourism boards to learn about what’s new and exciting. With Ginger traipsing around the Lonestar State to curate ten-gallon sized experiences, and Anita jet-setting off to the Middle East to show our clients the epitome of Israeli luxury, it was my turn to report on back on how to create the perfect itinerary for luxury living in Las Vegas.

Luxury Living in Las Vegas at the Venetian 

There are over 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, with 65,000 of those directly on the Las Vegas Strip. From budget to luxury, there are plenty of options to choose from, but in order to experience luxury living in Vegas, we opted for a sky-high penthouse at the Venetian Hotel. The Venetian is conveniently located directly on the Las Vegas Strip, across the street from the Mirage and Treasure Island hotels. It has an impressive selection of restaurants with some of the world’s most prominent executive chefs at the helm, more luxury boutique shopping than one could dream up, a world-famous Canyon Ranch Spa, the hottest nightclub on the Strip (Tao), and one of the world’s largest casinos.

Penthouse Living: Check-in Like a VIP

luxury living las vegas


It was hard not to feel like a celebrity as we breezed past the crowds at the regular check-in counter, opened a door marked ‘private’ and stepped into your very own private Concierge area. Soft classical music floated across the antique-inspired space. Sumptuous baked goods, quaint sandwiches, and fresh fruit on silver platters sat on a linen table, and a beverage station with freshly brewed coffee, tea, and an assortment of juices awaited us. And just in case someone needed something to take the edge off, a meticulously dressed server strolled over to send us on our way with a cocktail (charges applied) and a complimentary bottle of Fiji water to take up to our room.

After an effortless VIP check-in, room keys in hand, we wandered over to the elevators, summoned the 36th floor and zipped up to the top. After passing under a gargantuan crystal chandelier, making our way down a long, but spacious corridor, we reached a set of double doors, slipped in our card key and 3,200 square feet of luxury living space laid before us. Greeted by a formal dining room, a baby grand piano in the corner by a large window and formal salon with multiple couches and large flat screen TV, we retired to our separate wings (yes, wings!) Each wing had its very own over-sized marble bathroom, complete with jetted tub, separate glass-enclosed showers, his and her sinks and matching plush terry cloth robes. And if that wasn’t enough to impress, there’s no better way to end a pavement-pounding day in Sin City than to fall into a heavenly king-sized bed, complete with floor-to-ceiling views of the Las Vegas Strip.

luxury living in las vegas


If a Penthouse is too extravagant of a splurge, the Venetian’s beautiful Bella Suites are the largest on the Strip, with 650 square feet of luxurious living space, and plenty of fabulous amenities to make you feel like you’re living like a high roller.

Luxury Dining in Las Vegas

luxury living las vegas


Gone are the days of the cheap buffets and bad food – Las Vegas has taken upscale dining to a whole new level. With an average of 40 million visitors per year, it’s no surprise the city of sin is home to more critically acclaimed chefs and Michelin Star winners than anywhere else on Earth! As travel experts, it’s our job to know all the hottest spots for the most discerning foodie. Some of my personal recommendations include Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, a sumptuous and classic French Bistro nestled away in the Venzia Tower of the Venetian; Momofuku at the Cosmopolitan – a Korean fusion restaurant serving up foodie delicacies such as fried chicken with caviar, kimchi stew and traditional ox-tail soup; And for those who want to dine on America’s most beloved cuisine, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab at the Forum Shop’s in Caesar’s Palace will surely not disappoint.

Endless Entertainment 

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. There are more live music productions, comedy acts, magic shows, conventions and special events than anywhere else in the world – That’s on top of the infinite gaming possibilities! On my latest trip, I managed to incorporate a quick trip out to the Red Rock Canyon, saw a cowboy Melodrama at Bonnie Springs Ranch, caught the late-night showing of Le Reve at the Wynn and cheered on Martin Truex Jr. in his race to the finish at NASCAR.

Planning trip to Vegas shouldn’t be a coin toss – Elevate your experience from exciting to exceptional. Tripzter agents are here to curate and create your perfect luxurious Las Vegas getaway.

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