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Right from your very first interaction with us, you'll notice that there's something exceptional about the agents at Tripzter Travel. Highly personalized service, insightful recommendations, and the knowledge that wherever you are in the world, your personal agent will be there to assist you—these are just some of the services we offer. Get to know each of us. And when you're ready give us a call.

Get To Know Your Team Of Travel Experts

Munesh - Tripzter Travel Owner


Position at Tripzter: Owner
Years in the Industry: 35
Languages: English, Sinhalese, some Arabic (from his time in the Gulf States)

I have been in the industry 35 years and have owned Tripzter Travel and Capri Travel for 15 years. I am well known in the industry from my time with British Airways working for them in Sri Lanka, Oman, Bahrain and Canada. I have a degree from Simon Fraser in Business/Liberal Arts, a diploma in Flight Planning and several certificates and training in Sales, Flight Operations and Customer Service. I have had the good fortune of travelling widely – over 20 countries in 6 continents (just Antarctica left in terms of continents!), actually living and working in five countries.  I enjoy travelling, meeting different people, Rugby, Tennis and shooting guns – targets only, not hunting! I am also involved in other business interests outside travel.





Jing - Travel Agent Tripzter


Position at Tripzter: Operations Manager
Years in the Industry: 10
Languages: English and fluent Mandarin

I’ve been with Tripzter Travel for over ten years and am renowned for my efficiency and knowledge of airline ticking and agency operations. I bring a wealth of wholesale experience to the team and specialize in Asia, Europe and the Americas. My favourite travel experiences thus far includes Tokyo and Ibiza! I graduated from Thompson Rivers University in business administration, as well as graduating with Honours from the Canadian Tourism College Travel and Tourism. I am an avid runner, love working out and doing yoga (my secret for being focused at work!). I also love music, playing the piano and enjoying different cultures and foods.



Mahmud Vancouver Travel Agent


Position at Tripzter: Personal Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: 24
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi (Indian) and Urdu (Pakistan)

I came to Tripzter Travel with a strong airline background having worked in several different countries for Singapore Airlines, as well as a Masters of Commerce degree.

When I’m not working, I enjoy fishing, gardening and driving.




Tripzter Travel Agent Matt


Position at Tripzter: Personal Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: 20
Languages: English

I am an independent personal travel manager, specializing in corporate and luxury travel, as well as airfares. I bring a wealth of personal travel knowledge to the team, with twenty years of industry experience. I have travelled to 52 countries (and counting)! I have lived and worked in several countries for multinational corporate agencies including Flight Centre and American Express prior to joining the team at Tripzter.




Travel Agent Vancouver


Position at Tripzter: Corporate Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: 10
Languages: English

I started out on the other side, in the ticketing department of Harmony Airways and through experience, hard work and the accumulation of knowledge in different roles I eventually came to be a Corporate Travel Manager. My previous experience as an Executive Assistant also gives me invaluable insight to corporate operations and Executive travel needs. Travel is a huge passion of mine, and when I am not planning client trips I am always working on my next adventure with my husband and daughters. Our next family trip is to the south of France in Summer 2018. I have been to 13 countries and counting. My other loves include wine, interior design, sailing and gardening. I would love to one day go on a wine-centric tour through old world Europe, that is on my bucket list!


Radha - Tripzter Advisor


Position at Tripzter: Personal Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: Nearly 35
Languages: English, Singhalese and Tamil

I have extensive industry experience having worked both on the airline side (Air Lanka Ltd) for 14 years, and in Canada for nearly 20 years for Air Canada in Toronto and as a travel agent. I have travelled through Europe, Asia and North America. When I am not at work, I enjoy travelling, socializing and driving.





Position at Tripzter: Corporate Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: 36
Languages: English. I can swear in French, order a beer in Spanish or German, and ask for the bathroom in all three.

I started my travel career at Tower Travel in 1980 as a corporate agent. After moving around a bit, I started out on my own as an independent consultant. I met Munesh when he was a BA sales rep and he pitched me the idea of Tripzter Travel. I have been with him since the idea was on paper. I have not had a vacation holiday in years. The last familiarization trip I took was with Noah on the Ark.






Shanaz Tripzter Manager


Position at Tripzter: Office Manager
New to the Industry
Languages: English and Sinhalese

I have extensive business experience after owning a Vehicle and Heavy Machinery business for 20 years. With over a decade of management experience in Canada, I decided to join Tripzter Travel. I am an outgoing “people-person” who is highly organized and loves analytical thinking. I have visited 11 countries all over Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. I have a degree in economics and politics from London University. When I’m not at work, I enjoy travelling, entertaining, cooking and of course, spending time with my family.




Cheryl Travel Agent


Position at Tripzter: Personal Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: 46
Languages: English

I am a travel-junkie, always planning a holiday…… Before I finish one trip I am planning another! I started my love for travel at 20 when I was hired as a flight attendant for the late great Canadian Pacific Airlines. After having flown around the world many times, I retired after 30 fabulous years. Since then I haven’t slowed down, doubling the number of countries visited and having non-stop adventures with my husband Joe. I have been working with Munesh and Tripzter Travel for the last 16 years. I specialize in leisure travel, predominantly cruises, (river and ocean) and high end bus touring. It’s become my passion to share my expertise and turn my client’s dream destinations into the perfect vacation.





Position at Tripzter: Personal Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: 20
Languages: English, Russian , Ukrainian , Hebrew – originally I am from Ukraine

I have been working the in travel industry for over 20 years, working in corporate travel, management and finally as an independent travel professional specializing in family vacations and private guided tours.  I have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and a diploma of Tourism and Hospitality from Israeli Tourism College. In 2008 I had the honour of being awarded with the Certificate of Nomination for Exhibiting Service Excellence from the Vancouver Tourism Awards in 2008. My passion is travel, my favourite destination is Europe (the most exciting was Prague-Vienna-Budapest). I also like discovering new destinations, learning about different cultures and history, and love cooking, dogs and Latin dancing.





Position at Tripzter: Personal Travel Manager
Years in the Industry: Over 10
Languages: English and Hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓

I am an independent Luxury & Adventure Travel Manager with over a decade of experience in leisure, and corporate travel.  I’ve travelled to 60 countries, have a degree in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia and have worked as a professional travel writer for several publications including The Lonely Planet. Some of my favourite travel experiences include researching lions in Zambia, climbing Masada in Israel, racing Icelandic ponies outside of Reykjavik and attending my first NASCAR race in Las Vegas this past Spring. My passion lies with culturally focused travel, adventure travel and unique luxury experiences. I also manage our company blog and social media marketing.