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Unparalleled Journeys to China

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Li River China

Unparalleled Journeys to China

China A la Carte

I’ve had a love affair with China for as long as I could remember, inspired by my father who spent several years there and spoke Mandarin to me as a child. My very first allowance was spent on chopsticks; I had a flair for the exotic at the tender age of five.

Getting there

Never before has the ancient kingdom of China been so accessible. Extensive investment by the Chinese carriers into North America, along with changes to Visa requirements has made travelling to China uncomplicated. YVR Vancouver International Airport alone has nearly 100 direct flights to the mainland (and Hong Kong) weekly making this unbelievable destination closer than you think.

Getting around China

Worried about English? Don’t be. Even in remote villages I’ve always managed to get around for weeks on end, thanks to curious smiling locals and my willingness to play charades.

ChengduChina offers endless opportunities for those searching for an unforgettable journey… Whether it’s the ancient past, fascinating present or exciting future that peaks your curiosity, the path is always enlightening. The road is more comfortable that one might suspect and safety is not a concern.

I can offer assistance with:

  • City Breaks – Take advantage of the 72 hour visa free transit cities when you’ve purchased international airfare on a Chinese carrier.
  • Shore Excursions
  • Special interest groups
  • Family vacations
  • Customized long stays
  • Luxury experiences

Whatever your passion, this wonderful country should be on every travellers list.

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